Pioneers in corporative restructuring
A Spanish company, authorized by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) as private equity funds manager

We are actively involved in the long-term management of our portfolio companies

Hiperion Capital Management SGEIC, SA, is a Spanish investment fund manager, regulated by the CNMV (Registration No. 79), with over 12 years’ experience and recognized prestige in the field of investment in distressed companies and special situations.

Hiperion, pioneer management company in restructuring investments, specializes in analyzing and acquiring distressed companies, offering financial and professional support as well as the strategic change necessary to maintain the viability of the companies in which it intervenes.
Thanks to commitment and active management, Hiperion turns complex transactions into successful investments, creating long-term value.

Our shareholders, investors and managers are actively involved in both management and investment, making a long-term commitment to their investments and aligning our interests with those of the companies in which we involve.


Hiperion aims to lead the hotel sector turnarounds

Major hotel group in Ibiza by room number, Playasol operates more than 4,100 rooms and 35 establishments in the Balearic Islands.

Our objective is to continue growing in the sector either through the management and acquisition of assets or through financial support and strategic alliances with companies in the sector.

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